Our three reasons why you should support independent jewellery designers

On the BeUnique Jewellery blog we are all about independent designers and love their unique and distinctive designs. I know that a majority of us feel a lot more comfortable buying jewellery from Accessorize, BeaverBrooks or Marks and Spencer but I think we should be embracing independent jewellery! After all you’re likely to be buying mass produced products. So for this blog post I wanted to tout the local independent jeweller and why you should support independent designers..

#1 The love for the unique

All independent jewellery designers have a love for the unique. Everything they make and do has been conjured up by their vivid imagination and you won’t find anything else like it on the high street. If you’re fed up of some of the bland jewellery you see in the shops, then taking a look at the Etsy store is a must. You can spend ages searching for one of a kind pieces that no one else has.

#2 Support British and local entrepreneurs

So Brexit happened and it will be in more important now and in the future to support local businesses. Online stores such as Etsy, Folksy and Not on the High Street help support the next generation of designers and are hotbeds of innovation and creativity. By supporting up and coming designers we are helping to pave the way to their success in the future. Also local jewellers are much more likely to give back to the community, with profits staying in the community and not being shipped off to some overseas mega corporation!

#3 The best customer service

Independent jewellery designers will have a greater commitment to their business – that’s what I have found from speaking to a variety of jewellers over the last few months. All the jewellers I meet have a hands on approach to managing their business, and they care for the job they do and the products they produce. If you have an issue they are much more likely to take a personalised approach to you or if you have feedback or an idea they want to hear it!

There are many reasons to support local jewellers, I personally love them for their inspiration and bespoke pieces they can create. If you are looking to support local businesses or you want something truly unique then you must consider local and independent jewellery makers and the shops that sell their designs!


November 05, 2016 by Be Unique

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