Autumn jewellery trends 2016

Your three key jewellery trends for Autumn/Winter 2016

So the nights are drawing in a bit and I’m starting to seek out my cosy jumpers, fluffy socks and knitted gloves…. now where did I put them again?! I’m sad to say that summer is officially coming to an end. Bye flips flops, bye sun tan lotion, bye vitamin D… I honestly felt like nothing was going to help beat the post summer blues until I started getting super excited about what the latest jewellery trends 2016 might be for this Autumn and Winter! Things are looking up and after some lengthy internet searching and lusting I wanted to share with you what my key three jewellery trends to look out for this season are. Hopefully it will be a ray of sunshine in the darker months!

Jewellery Trend #1 Over-sized choker necklace


 So, if like me you were a teen in the 90’s you’ll probably remember those tattoo type chokers that were all the rage at school. Things have come a long way since then. The choker started making its comeback in Spring 2014 and has been on the up ever since. They’ve gone big and chunky this season and I’m loving it. Great big bold statements made by Balmain or the delicate intricacies of Oscar De La Renta. These chokers are far too cool for school.. 

If like me your wallet doesn’t stretch to designer brands however, then I’ve found these lovelies hiding in the Etsy store to help keep you bang on trend. Even better they are created by some of my fav independent jewellery designers. If you want to go delicate and subtle try LayeredandLong’s dainty choker necklace or for something a bit more in your face take a look at this chainmaille tribal silver choker necklace from ApocalypseMetalWear.

Jewellery Trend #2: Pearl Necklaces



They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend… I beg to differ! This season is all about pearls and you don’t have to be over 60 or Helen Mirren to pull this look off. This is a trend that’s elegant and chic and was seen being teemed with denim (yes denim), in the Miu Miu collection. But it works and I love it.

Looks like our independent jewellery designer friends are cottoning on too and there are plenty of pearls to drape yourselves in. Take a look at this pearl necklace from misticpearls or pearlislanduk to help perfect your look.

Jewellery Trends #3 Bracelets over gloves



Urm so yeah, didn’t you know? This is a thing now. And whether you have a cuff, bracelet or dainty bangle, anything goes with this leading the pack trend. It’s certainly something that I haven’t seen before and I’m going to embrace it! One thing I know for sure, I’m getting myself some chunky knit gloves and will be having a good old search to find some killer bracelets to match. I’m thinking I might take a look at JezebelCharms,  SkyesPurpleCloud or our own Gold Heart Bangle. Bring on the cold weather! ( I think..)