How to clean your jewellery

Do you know how to make your jewellery sparkle? Find out with my top homemade tips.

There’s nothing more annoying than opening your jewellery box and the fav piece you were about to pair with your new outfit has tarnished and faded. Cleaning jewellery and keeping it sparkling doesn’t have to be a hideous chore and can prolong the life of your favourite items. So no grumbling here please as I have some top, quick tips to make your jewellery .clean as a whistle!


Cleaning Silver

Tarnished silver is always a sad sight. If you notice your silver is looking a bit faded, then get a bar of soap and some warm water. Give it a gentle clean then try to buffer it up with a soft cloth to restore your sparkle and shine. Or if you have a heavily tarnished piece of silver try mixing a paste of three -parts baking soda to one-part water and giving the jewellery a good clean with a lint free cloth. Make sure you wash the paste off and buff carefully.


Cleaning Gold

If you want your Gold to be good as new, then this top tip will restore its brilliance! Simply buy a bottle of carbonated water add some washing up liquid and give your gold a soak for up to 3-4 minutes. Washing up liquid is great for removing dirt, grease and grime and it does a splendid job on my Gold jewellery. Once you’ve given it a soak make sure your rinse thoroughly with cold water and try buffing gently with a soft cloth – et voila!


Cleaning Gems

I’d recommend sparkling water as a perfect way of making your diamonds, rubies and sapphires gleam. Place them in a class overnight to soak and let the bubbles do the work! It really is that quick and easy.


Cleaning Pearls

Cleaning pearls can be difficult as they can’t be soaked or cleaned with washing up liquid or detergent as you could damage the pearl and the string they’re held together with. In my lengthy pearl wearing experience my suggestion is to clean as you go – so after every time you wear them give them a gentle clean with a soft cloth. Simple but very effective.


Hope you’ve found these tips super useful. If you’ve got any quirky tips for cleaning your own jewellery feel free to share them on our comments section! We would love to know what you do to keep your jewellery clean and shiny!